Thursday, March 14, 2013

Delayed Post. (My Shoes).

So I have been promising to make a post for my shoes but never get to, il start and then get busy doing something else.
Also if you know me well shoes come and go for me as sometimes, friends, family, clients have their fill when the come home.

I love shoes, very passionate about them, a woman can never have too many of these bad boys (smile) and as we know ...every perfect outfit has a perfect shoe.
I love heels even though they kill me, flats, sneakers, just venturing into clogs now....
And avoiding pointy toes or extremely narrow tips as I have wide feet.
My best shoe? Something with platforms... That's comfort for me!
So il do different shoe posts.
Heels, flats and sneakers and then maybe anything else or my bag collections!
Posting from my Ipad and its not allowing me attach pictures from albums, so il switch over to my laptop to post pictures later.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What are you wearing today? Put your best foot forward!

I have been gone for so long now doing so many other things!
I plan to do a post on all of my shoes! And I have quite a few...
Hang in there!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wardrobe Essential For The Everyday Woman

At the end of today's blog, you should be able to scan through your wardrobe to see if you have the key/essential pieces to make your closet functional. After we are done with this we will blog about how to put those essential items together to mix and match styles that are easy, classic and attractive.

Do you look through your closet and think, “ OMG! I have nothing to wear.” Even though you have clothes everywhere, hung, in boxes everywhere but you just can't seem to find something to wear?

If you have said those words: I can't find something to wear a few times this week or more often than not then you have a DYSFUNCTIONAL CLOSET.

A dysfunctional closet in this sense because, it is missing several key pieces that would allow you change easily from one outfit to the next.

Hurray! Help is here... Lets work together on getting you a functional closet/wardrobe

The Essential List

The perfect ten — These are ten classic pieces that should be in every woman's wardrobe — This is the best remedy to a dysfunctional closet. It’s truly amazing the number of outfits that can be made when these ten items rest in your wardrobe: at least thirty-two different combinations. 

Majority of your shopping  money should be spent on classic, well made versions of  items that fit your personal style.

Here are the 10 things you need for a functional closet:

1. Black or Navy Suit:( whichever works best with your skin tone)

The black blazer is the number one key essential every woman must own at least one! It goes with everything, you can change the look just by changing your accessories.
It doesn't need to be ridiculously expensive or high end but it needs to fit right and be well tailored to fit your body type. 
If you want to look taller or longer choose a blazer that is longer in length, if you want to show your waist line choose something fitted around the waist... 
Check out my Facebook page for different styles of blazers available
 Also make sure it is current not one from the 80's "over-sized with super heavy shoulder pads" no no! 
A blazer can be worn fashionably either opened or closed, over dresses, skirts or pants.
A blazer doesn't have to be boring...too many styles to choose from!
But make sure it's a good material that would last you a  long time.. it's better to spend money buying one good item that lasts a long time than a cheap item you ll have to replace over and over again.

2:  The White Dress Shirt or Top

For work, interviews and looking sophisticated. If your style is Trendy it looks chic with denim shorts and jeans, or unbuttoned on top of a casual dress and a skinny belt.

 3. Black Trousers
A pair of high-quality, flat front, black trousers are necessary in every wardrobe.
Stay away from pleats because they only accentuate an area that no one really needs accentuating!
If you can buy only one pair of trousers, select a length that matches the heel height you most commonly wear. And choose a lightweight material that will work all year long.
If you don't wear trousers switch with skirt.

4. The Black Skirt

Every woman should have a knee length black skirt that fits perfectly and gives a slimming appearance. Your choice of style depends on you. It can be pencil skirt or A-line. A skirt that will go from season to season.

5. The perfect Jeans

Everyone should have a pair of favorite jeans. The kind that makes you feel sexy and well put together, comfortable too! Flatter your size and shape. It could be skinny, boot cut, straight or flare. 
If you want only one pair of jeans then go for a dark denim jean as they are slimming and very fitting, it can go from casual to being dressed up.

6. The little black Dress

A closet staple! The “little black dress” should be made of a sturdy but lightweight fabric like a cotton/rayon blend. 

It should be sexy, yet sophisticated. It should be well-made and fit like a glove. It should hide your flaws and accentuate your attributes. It can go from day (wear it to the office with a cardigan or blazer and a set of pearls and leather pumps) to night (take off the blazer or cardigan and add some makeup, jewelry, and heels).
It can be sleeveless, have cap sleeves, or have 3/4-length sleeves. It can have a V-neck, boat neck, crew neck, or square neck. It can be knee-length, a little longer, a little shorter, or miniskirt length. The little black dress is both universal and individual at the same time. Find one that makes you feel fabulous and make the investment because this is one piece that really gives you your money’s worth!

7. Plain Black Pumps
I don't need to emphasize why every woman needs a black pump!

 It goes with everything and looks put together. And black pumps comes in different size and shapes and heel length but one advice... get your actual size, do not destroy your feet by wearing shoes too small for you. Get your feet measured so you can tell exactly what your shoe size is.

8. Black Bag (Tote preferably)
Serves you well, can carry large files during the work week and double as shopping bag over the weekend. They come in various shapes and sizes and price. Go for a genuine leather bag, might be pricey but it would last you a really long time.

9. The perfect Tee
The perfect tee should be luxuriously soft and skim over the body (slouchy and slightly loose if preferable to second-skin tight). Pure White, Black, Grey or Chambray are eternally chic. Good quality, basic tees make even the most ridiculous layers of jewelry look acceptable.

 10. The Perfect Bra 

OMG! Must have!
A bad fitting bra can cause serious health problems and it does not look good at all! More than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. 70% wear bras that are too small, and 10% wear bras that are too large*.
A lot of people have never gotten a bra fitting, or was fitted too long ago, Boob sizes change with weight gain or loss.
Are you wearing a wrong sized bra? Not sure? We tell you how you can find out!

It is riding up! If your bra creeps up in the back, it is badly fitted. The back-band shall be horizontal. When it creeps up, the band size is too big (and the cup size usually too small). This is the most common mistake women do when they choose a bra! Try a smaller band size.

Your bra cups runneth over. This is a classic wrong bra size symptom. If your breasts spill over the top or sides of your bra, the cups are too small. To easily discover this sign, simply put on a tight T-shirt while you are wearing your bra. If you see any bulges on the side of the cups or over the top of the cups, the cup size is too small. Try to go up (at least) one cup size.

The straps cut into your shoulders. Usually, this is due to a too small cup size. Go up one cup size (maybe you also need to go down one band size) Sometimes this problem also can be caused by too small band size. In that case, increase your band size (but try to increase cup size first!).
Well I won't go into all the bra details here, when I have time if I get requests for it, I would write up a blog about Bra and fitting!
If you read and found any of this information useful, have any suggestion or whatever your opinion is... Please leave a comment below!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To answer your Questions on BB and Facebook!

I hear your requests to blog about Replica bags 101.
How to buy a good replica bag.
Also got request on Wardrobe essentials, Majority carries the Vote! Request for wardrobe essential won by 9 votes so today I will put a blog together about the essentials every woman must have in a wardrobe.
The goal is to make more out of what we already have in our wardrobes not going all out to get a full new wardrobe even if you can afford it.
Be a little more patient until it comes and since y'all view it a lot please leave comments even criticism if any.
Its encouraging to have a conversation after all the hardwork hehehe, so I know if I am doing it right or wrong. I am also open to suggestions!
I know I know! I'm guilty of the same, I read a lot of blogs and lurk around the corner without leaving comments too.. But I am changing now as I understand communication is not a one way transfer.
Alright ladies.. see you in a little bit!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color Blocking 101

Due to popular demands we have decided to blog about the color blocking trend 101 and how to gradually get used to it as a new user.
Color Blocking was the most popular trend in 2011 and continues into 2012 on a whole new level.
Did you dare to try it last year? Are you ready to ease yourself in gradually?

This amazing trend allows you to be an artist, so you are able to express yourself through colors.
With color blocking almost everything is allowed. From extreme neon blocking to pastels for those who prefer mild blocking.
 If you are not into total-look, you can block with accessory.
 Matching shoes+bag can be bold and jewelries... fabulous!
Now lets get technical:
 In order to color block you need to study the color wheel.

Fashion Color blocking craze?

Hello Fashionistas!
Fashion Xpress will be putting a blog together about the color blocking trend and pictures.
Stay tuned.